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Ich muss es ja zugeben: I am in love! Caleb Maddix ist 14 Jahre und hat was zu sagen! Er ist der Autor von „Keys to Success for Kids!“ and der CEO von Kids4Success.TV! Du findest ihn auf Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, … usw… Oft wird er gefragt, was für ihn be FAITHFUL! bedeutet. Ich hab dir seine Antwort aus Facebook unten festgehalten.
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Caleb Maddix – 06.04.2016 – Facebook:

„You know… People ask me a lot „What is your spiritual life? How do you become more spiritual“ And to be completely honest… I kind of blew that question off.

I think maybe the reason why is I wasn’t quite sure the answer to that question… I wasn’t sure how to become more spiritual or the keys to spirituality.

But now I know it is three words
1. God
2. Giving
3. Gratitude

I truly believe that God is the reason I am successful and happy! My dad has always told me — „Caleb… If you become an atheist, STILL read the Bible!“ And the reason why he says that is because there are a lot of keys to success and happiness in the Bible and I truly think every single person should read the bible once in there life!

The second thing is giving – Giving is so key to being more spiritual – Every happy person I have met gives! I have closed 10,000 dollar deals but I was happiest when I gave a single mother $100!

And then there is gratitude – The amount of complaining that happens is NUTS!
Everyone can be grateful! If you are dying you can be thankful you are alive and if you are dead you can be thankful you lived! So start be thankful!



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